Hi, I’m Aastha!

A lot of my worldview can be summed up by a quote from Naval Ravikant: “Health, love, and your mission, in that order. Nothing else matters.”

I like to spend my time doing what intrigues me and is fun to me.

Some problems that currently interest me:

Education and Children: The more I think about the current education system, the more I believe that a lot of adult problems stem from coercion practices deployed by schools and parents. Children are bundles of energy and inquisitiveness, but the schools of today are making them dull and forcing them to conform. True learning comes by following your obsessions and learning by doing.

This past summer I piloted Feynman Scholars, an after-school intellectual curricular program where students advance towards achieving their highest potential. I was impressed by how quickly students can learn when they’re interested in the topic.

Longevity Science: My personal journey to optimize my health and a failed attempt to launch a consumer goods startup led me down the rabbit hole of understanding the science behind longevity and the biology of aging. Aging is the biggest risk factor for all age-related diseases. Understanding the aging process and ways to reverse it can remove a lot of suffering. I host a podcast and newsletter called Live Longer World where I have conversations with scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of longevity and biotech.

Other areas I’m curious about:

Other areas I spend my time reading, writing, and thinking about are human nature, theory of knowledge & fallibilism (David Deutsch’s work), rationality (Ayn Rand), pre-civilization history (what were our ancestors like), the history of progress, and the concept of antifragility (Nassim Taleb’s work).

More ways I spend my time:

I genuinely enjoy working out and exercising is integral to my life. I lift, run, CrossFit, play lots of tennis, hike, and am open to trying other outdoor activities or sports.

I love my time with my partner and family – they are precious to me and give me boundless joy.

If you wish, you can read more on my background, find my writing, see books I’ve loved, and / or connect with me.

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