My writing has moved around a bit but currently my public writing resides in mostly three places:

Aastha Jain Substack:

This is where I write about my thoughts on what a good education system could look like, how we should take children seriously, philosophical musings, books and anything else I’m feeling chirpy about. You can check it out: aasthajain.substack.com

Live Longer World:

This is the place for my writing and podcast releases on longevity science, longevity lifestyle hacks, and the biology of aging. Find it: livelongerworld.substack.com

How To Live Your Life: Lessons from my Dear Papa

This writing project is closest to my heart. It is a short book that I wrote on stories with my father growing up in India. I lost my Dad when I was 17 and writing this book was my way to pay tribute to how much he meant to me, cherish our fondest memories together, and pen down the lessons I learned from him.

The book is a tribute to all father-daughter relationships and really any parent-child relationship. If you wish to read it, here is the link: aasthajain.gumroad.com


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